Recommended Alternatives to Obamacare

Recommended Alternatives to Obamacare

October 15, 2015

Recommended Alternatives to Obamacare

According to health insurance experts, if you are looking for the highest value alternative to Obamacare, Health Insurance Exchange Alternative may be the best combination of insurance products available for total health protection. 

What was once considered a detriment -- that the policies only last for a year -- is no longer a deterrent given that customers can sign up for ObamaCare during the annual open-enrollment period.

Applications in short term products rose 30 percent compared to last year according to industry watchdogs. Mark Deschenes, a Partner at Health Insurance Exchange Alternative noted that their enrollment numbers are much higher than that “because of the incredible value that customers receive from the unique, higher value combination of benefits health insurance buyers receive from the Health Insurance Exchange Alternative that we provide.” 

As long as customers stay healthy, they can reapply for the short-term plans. If insureds get sick while covered, the plans provide for their care until the end of the term, and that’s when the insured moves to Obamacare.

Obamacare insurance is available regardless of pre-existing conditions. Under this approach, stricken policyholders buy insurance during annual open enrollment through the Affordable Care Act, where insurers must charge everyone the same rate.  Simply align the expiration date of your short term policy with the open enrollment period of Obamacare and you have continuity of coverage. 

The incredible value for Health Exchange Alternatives customers is that they not only get the best rate available and largest PPO networks, they get added coverage that provides cash benefits to cover loss of income due to serious illness…thereby protecting their family’s financial security.

There is a catch to having short-term insurance: Customers still may have to pay the tax penalty for not having Obamacare insurance. That fine is for 2016, it will rise to a more substantial $695 per person or 2.5 percent of your income (whichever is greater.)

Accounting and health insurance experts say that even with the fine, it is still worth it for most people to go with temporary insurance, unless their income is low enough to qualify for the largest subsidies.  In addition, the IRS code makes that fine unenforceable.  

According to independent account professionals:  “People making $37,000 or less should go on Obamacare. People with serious pre-existing conditions -- they should go on Obamacare. But for everyone else, including the penalties, the cost of products like Health Insurance Exchange Alternative is 30-50 percent less, the financial protection is far superior and the insured have freedom of choice about which providers they can use.”

Health Insurance experts estimate that the short-term insurance industry as a whole has grown at 20-30 percent over the last year since Obamacare was implemented.

Many youth advocacy groups like Generation Opportunity, specifically endorses buying short-term plans as a way to get around Obamacare.