For Many Families, Health Care Costs Are Now the Single Largest Item in Their Budget

For Many Families, Health Care Costs Are Now the Single Largest Item in Their Budget

March 10, 2016

For Many Families, Health Care Costs Are Now the Single Largest Item in Their Budget

It’s tough for families – and for many their healthcare costs more than their mortgage. 

What makes it worse: According to a new survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The New York Times the high deductibles necessary to make Obamacare affordable leaves one in five working-age Americans unable to pay their medical bills.  To make matters worse, a quarter of those who are unable to pay their medical bills say they received unexpected claim denials, and a third say they received out-of-network care that wasn’t covered by insurance. (More than two-thirds of those who got out-of-network care were not informed that the provider would not be covered!)

These costs have caused 62 percent of insured Americans to postpone dental care, more than 40 percent have skipped doctor-recommended tests or treatment, and 41 percent have opted not to fill a prescription.

What’s driving these price increases? Obamacare.

A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report estimates that health insurance premiums will continue to balloon over the next decade thanks in large part to Obamacare.

By 2025, health-care insurance will cost 60 percent more than it does today. For a family, that increase costs to an average of $24,500 per year. For those with an individual plan, health-care costs will increase to cost an average $10,000 per year.

The CBO report states that Obamacare’s costly federal mandates on insurance companies — like forcing them to cover everyone regardless of preexisting conditions — increased costs of individual, or non-group, health-care plans by 27 to 30 percent.

Why are you with an Obamacare plan?

In 18 states healthy families and individuals have an alternative to Obamacare.  If you live in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, or Wisconsin there is a better option.  This option can:

  • Save you 50% of you current premiums,
  • Provide insurance against accident-related deductibles,
  • Provide cash to cover future Obamacare deductions should you suffer from a major illness,
  • Provide dental insurance,
  • Allow you to choose your doctors, and
  • Make it so that you can legally opt out of Obamacare (and be exempt from the associated penalties).


So ask yourself – Why do I have an Obamacare plan?  Healthy families have a choice!